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Pens - Presentation

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Cardboard Pen Sleeve


Cardboard pen sleeve which offers affordable presentation for pen.

From $0.39

Monaco Gift Box


Stylish pen presentation box which will hold one or two pens. It has a padded velvet base, a magnetic closure and hidden elastic loops that ensure it will hold most pen styles.

From $4.38

Rockford Pen Presentation Box


Premium pen presentation box with a padded leather-look finish which will hold one or two pens. It has a padded interior with hidden elastic loops that ensure it will securely hold most pen styles.

From $5.08

Velvet Pen Sleeve


Plush velvet sleeve which adds value to any pen presentation.

From $0.37

Vistro Gift Set


Affordable blister packed gift set with a Vistro Fashion Stylus Pen and a 4GB Helix Flash Drive. The backing card offers an exciting branding opportunity and it can be printed in full colour on both sides. The back of the card is ideal for communicating information about products, services, special offers etc. The pen and flash drive colours are only an approximate match.

From $14.02

Wedge Gift Box


Cardboard gift box for pens with a wedge-shaped interior which allows it to hold most pens.

From $1.44

Velvet Pouch


Velvet pouch for pen. Pen displayed in velvet pouch is not included.

From $0.96

Nash Pen-Stylus and Light - Matte Finish


Twist-action ballpoint pen with soft rubber stylus for touchscreen devices. Single white LED located at the end of the barrel. Use slide button to turn light on and off.

From $2.52

Nash Pen-Stylus-Highlighter - Glamour


Dual-function. Twist-action ballpoint pen and yellow highlighter. Includes soft rubber stylus tip for touchscreen devices.

From $2.58